Welcome to Dobcroft Junior School's Website


Welcome to the Dobcroft Junior School Website


Dobcroft Junior School is a values driven, inclusive school in which the learning and teaching, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all members of this learning community matter. We continually seek to remove barriers to learning, value diversity and show respect for all individuals. 


 Through working in partnership with parents and responding to the needs of the community, the school aims to maximise the potential for all pupils to lead safe, happy, healthy and successful lives.


School breaks up for the Easter holidays on Friday 11th April and we return on the 28th April.


Our school slogan, mottos and values can be viewed here.


 Our Head Teacher's most recent newsletter can be viewed here.

Our 2013/4 school diary is available here .


The Parent Govenors latest newsletter is here.



Don't know what's happening at school? Think that you haven't got all the letters? Then check out the "Information for Parents" button on the left hand side.


Dobcroft Junior mathematicians, winners of the Maths Pop Quiz 2013 competition




Dobcroft Y4 Boys Cross Country Team win the Sheffield City Championships March 2014


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